HA0802 GASKET 4110003492152 YUNNEI SDLG

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HA0802 GASKET 4110003492152 YUNNEI SDLG

BJ1039M8S-A Rear axle assy
M10×1.25” Nut, half shaft
GB7244-87 10 Spring washer
8A4 Half axle cone sheet
8A5 Double end bolt – half axle
8A6-3 Half-axle
BJ130-3103057B Nut (LH) of tyre
BJ130-3103056B Nut (RH) of tyre
BJ1046E6-AE3 Bolt (LH) of tyre
BJ1046E6-AF1 Bolt (RH) of tyre
BJ1039G5-AE1 Brake drum
8AA Outer oil seal(rear nave)
M6×16” Bolt unit
8A7 Locking washer
8A8 Nut-nave bearing
8AB Outer bearing (rear nave)
BJ1046E6-AE2-2 Rear nave
M20×1.5” nave bolt locking nut
8AC Inner bearing(rear nave)
8AD Inner oil seal (rear nave)
BJ1039G5-A1 Gear ring
BJ1039G5-EA Sensor assy (LH)
BJ1039M8F-FA Sensor assy (RH)
3B4 Oil filler plug
3B2-1 Seal washer of oil filler plug
3B3-1 Seal washer of oil drain plug
3BF Oil drain plug assy
BJ1039M8F-B Rear axle housing assy
3BB Air plug assy
M10×1.25” Nut
GB7244-87 10 Spring washer
8A16 Bolt, rear axle housing and brake lower board

Parts NO. English parts name
BJ1039M8F-C Main reductor assy
3CFA Differential bearing
3CF8 Adjusting washer, differential bearing
3CFA3 Bolt of differential
Q40312 Spring washer
3CFA1 Differential housing (LH)
3CF7 Thrust washer of half-axle gear
3CF6 Half-axle gear
3CF5 Planetary gear
3CF4 Planetary gear shaft
3CF3-1(Z=39) Driven gear
3CFA2 Differential housing (RH)
3CF2 Bolt,driven gear
3C1-1(Z=8) Driving gear
3CA Driving gear inner bearing
3C3 Inner bearing adjusting washer
3C2 Spring space bush
3CE3 Differential bearing cover bolt
Q40314 Spring washer
3CE2 Differential bearing cover
GB7244-87 10 Spring washer
8A1(L=38) Bolt, main reducer housing and axle house
8A2(L=32) Bolt, main reducer housing and axle house
3CE1 Main reductor housing assy
3A14 Double end bolt(axle housing-main reducer housing)
3A15 Hexagon nut-alxe housing double end bolt
3CB Outer bearing of driving gear
3CD-1 Oil seal assy of driving gear
BJ1027AE-CC Flange assy of driving gear
3C4 Flange washer
3C5 Flange nut

Parts NO. English parts name
BJ1039G3-E-1 Brake
BJ1039G3-F-1 Brake
BJ1039E2-E8 Rear brake pipe assy
BJ1039E2-E3 Clamp of brake pipe
BJ1039E2-E2 Rubber plug of adjusting hole
BJ1039E2-E5 Brake shoe pressure spring pull rod
Q150B0814 Bolt – cylinder
Q40308 Washer
BJ1039E2-E4-1 Brake back board (LH)
BJ1039E2-F4-1 Brake back board (RH)
BJ1039E2-E1 Retracting spring of brake shoe
BJ1039E2-EB Brake shoe assy
BJ1039E2-E7 Brake shoe pressure spring
BJ1039E2-E6 Brake shoe pressure spring seat
BJ1039G3-FA-1 Right front brake cylinder assy
BJ1039G3-FC-1 Right rear brake cylinder assy
BJ1039G3-EA-1 Left front brake cylinder assy
BJ1039G3-EC-1 Left rear brake cylinder assy